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  • What we do for you
  1. Create listings for your cabin on several fee based listing sights such as VRBO and Airbnb, as well as for free on our website
  2. Book and manage all guest reservations and guest experience
  3. Handle any guest issues and maintenance requests
  4. Create & Display cabin instructions for guests
  5. Create & maintain a cabin welcome book with cabin and area info
  6. Shop for items needed for the cabin 
  7. Manage maintenance with no upcharges
  8. Have property Inspected cabin monthly and have maintenance replace lightbulbs, air filters, supplies, report any repairs or upgrades suggested to owners
  9. Decorate with tree and wreath for Christmas (Provided at owners expense)
  10. Block calendar for owner stays and owner guest stays at owners request
  11. Available by phone to guests 24/7 for emergencies 
  12. Coordinate cabin cleaning and handle payroll for cleaning staff
  13.  Guest reviews: We reply to guest reviews, reviews cannot changed or removed, we do our very best to receive 5 star reviews, through cleaning inpsections, damage inspections, reporting any issues made aware through guest reviews
  14. Hot tubs are drained, cleaned and refilled for each guest included in the cleaning cost paid by guests, any repairs required is handled by us and owners are charged maintenance cost
  • Our Program
  1. Monthly bed bug dog inspectors 
  2. Coordinate monthly pest control
  3. Lawn care scheduling 
  4. Xplorie ticket program for all guests
  5. Dynamic pricing-Pricing software that uses data to get the best possible price on every single night of the year for max profits
  6. Hands on and personal care with each cabin we manage, no need to have to get to know a large management team 
  • What we do for our owners
  1. Each month we send a detailed owners report showing the cabin's rental income and any expenses such as maintenance and supplies
  2. Rents paid every month directly to owner, maintenance costs deducted from rents before payout
  3. Management pays sales and use taxes and lodging taxes on a montly basis to state and local autorthorities 
  4. Yearly report for taxes that includes all income and expenses
  5. Available by phone or text  business hours during business hours to owners
  6. You are always contacted before any major repairs are made over $500
  7. Owners pocket more of the rent with just a 20% managment fee 

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