Tips To Keep Your Sanity During Quarantine

Hello friends! We are all on about week 1 or 2 of our quarantine. Most of us are on different levels. Some are completely out of work, struggling to pay their bills. Some are working from home full-time while trying to juggle house and family. Some of you are showing courage every day, going to work at your essential job, for which we are so thankful.

For some of you, not much has changed if you were already a homebody. If you were homeschooling or working from home, then going out with friends is what you may be missing the most. Whether your life has dramatically changed or not, we can all agree that the impact of this pandemic can be felt by everybody, young and old. 

I have been dreaming of putting together a blog for our website for a while now and what perfect time to exercise the mind than when there’s nothing else to keep me from doing it?

I have put together this list of ideas to help our guests find joy in being at one of our beautiful cabins together, but a lot of it can be adjusted to be done at home! 

Hope you find these ideas helpful for you and your family’s sanity!

Enjoy the cabin/house!

tilize what you already have to create fun!

  • Play every game on the Arcade
  • Enjoy the sunrise/sunset in the Hot tub
  • Board games, learn a new card game 
  • Play games on video game consoles, Playstation, XBox
  • TV/binge watching
  • Cooking/baking, cookies, experiment with recipes
  • Work on your pool game 
  • Perfect your grilling skills
  • Conversation skills
  • Coffee/tea or wine on the porch/deck


raft stores may be closed in your area and if they are, Home depot is still open for home improvement! There are lots of things you can figure out to make. Macrame only requires a stick and some string. Look up youtube videos

Fun crafts for kids:

In light of the toilet paper shortage:


Whether you have been “meaning” to start working out or are sad that the gym is closed, there are so many great options that anyone can start and maintain. There are great body weight exercises that you can put to use if you don’t have any weights at home. Not only will it release hormones to boost your mood, you will feel better about your healthy body. It will help you sleep better and prevent you from feeling like the days are running together. Exercise reduces stress, which is what we all need right now. Even taking 20 minutes to do a stress reducing yoga video on youtube can make all the difference!

Here is a link to my favorite one:

There are also lots of kids options:

Workout example:

Fun zombie running game with a story line, for beginners or pros!


Libraries and bookstores are closed but there are online options to be able to read a book or listen to one through Audible. There’s so many good books to listen to, to help you improve yourself as a person, parent and spouse. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations! Most people don’t know that you can rent an eBook through your local library, as well as eBooks that can be purchased through amazon. Or take one of your favorite books you already own and re-read it! 

Don’t continue to drink coffee all day. Drink one cup in the morning for a boost if you like but switch to herbal tea for that warm feeling instead of coffee which increases stress and anxiety! Along the same line, DRINK WATER. It will do incredible things for your health if you you drink your body weight in ounces of water. 

Stay on a routine but not a schedule. Don’t try to be strict. Everyone is trying to navigate this “new normal”. Putting stress on yourself and your family to do a list of things on a time schedule is just stressful. Give yourself and them grace. Have a to do list, but be flexible for spontaneous things like, going outside with your kids and your dog, picking up a project, a pizza party, a contest, connecting with friends through video chatting. Have a routine and flexibility. If your kids normally nap at a certain time, make sure they are going to bed and waking up at decent times to keep those nap times. It will help you keep your sanity and it's better for everyone's health. If you are off work, it’s great to sleep in, but don’t let sleeping in cause a sense of chaos because everything is different. Keep a sense of normalcy while you are off!

Meal plan!

This is pretty hard to master if you haven’t already. The act of making a plan for 7 dinners in a row and actually shopping and making the meal everyday is quite a challenge unless you’re naturally gifted. Many are stocking up on things they think they won’t have access to months, or staples they use but don’t have a plan for. Planning out all of your meals will take practice, a lot of thinking and researching. It will give you a valuable life skill, save you money and encourage you to eat healthier! You can even plan meals for weeks in the future, when you go back to work and feel like you don’t have time to plan like this. Make 4 weeks worth of meal plans and rotate them! You’ll be happy that you did!

Connect and learn about your family and friends.

Don’t feel isolated during this isolated time! Use platforms like Marco Polo, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Snapchat to connect with your friends and family face to face without leaving your house! 

You can share what you are doing day to day with our loved ones and even cultivate new friendships. 

Get to know each other on a deeper level by playing games that make you think and ask questions you’ve never thought of before!



Fun truth or dare questions:

Utilize outdoors/yard space.

Some nature walks are still open as well as coming up with fun new activities in your yard or even enjoying your porch/balcony. Even if you are not an outdoorsy person, 20 minutes outside can make the world of difference for your health. If you are an outdoorsy person, go walk, run, bike, play Frisbee, basketball, garden, have fun! There’s no need to feel cooped up if you are able to go outside. If your job allows it, take a longer lunch break to enjoy the light during the day and catch up on work in the evening. 

If you have kids and a sidewalk or flat road in front of your house that people walk on, you can write encouraging messages or hopscotch for them to participate in as they walk by! Whatever we can do to put a smile on our neighbors faces is worth a shot. Especially when we need to keep our distance for now! 


Thank you for taking time to read through this article! We would love to be a part of your Smoky Mountain vacation. Shoot us an email or inquiry so we can help you plan your next vacation! Big changes are coming, including a new, easier to use website. We cannot wait to show it to you! Stay safe!

Written by Audrey Carlson